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Micro Power Project Trend
Power generation projects of micro or microgrid vibrant in the Asia Pacific region. Renewable energy is the activator. The latest report from Navigant Research predicted, cumulative investment in micro power generation will reach $ 30.8 billion in the period 2014 until 2023.

These investments in order to finance the construction of power plants in remote areas, both to meet the electricity needs of the community as well as for research purposes. The good news, these micro power plants using renewable energy sources.
According to Peter Asmus, analyst at Navigant Research, some large populous countries such as China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia have increased in the need for energy very rapidly.

"Developed or developing countries in the Asia Pacific region are equally glanced micro power plants to broaden their electricity service to the poor and those living in remote areas."
Micro power market which most attractive according to Navigant is the micro power generator in remote region that operate independently and are not yet connected to the bigger electricity grid.

Past before, in the developing countries in Asia Pacific, power generator in remote areas usually still utilize diesel fuel / diesel. Fuel prices are getting more expensive, plus the cost of transportation makes this fossil fuels increasingly unattractive.

At the same time the cost of renewable energy continue to fall which increasing demand for micro power generation from renewable energy sources.

The report titled "microgrids in Asia Pacific", it analyzes the micro power generation markets in the Asia Pacific that includes four segments, namely segments of commercial / industrial, community / utility, colleges / institutions and remote locations in nine key countries namely Australia, China, India, Japan , South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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