Welcome to the new world of business, namely “Green Business”, a new business order that is growing rapidly, which is a business order that has a major impact not only on the economic sector, but on the environment and society

In line with the development of the business world today which is marked by extremely fierce competition and various changing situations and trends in the industrial world, especially related to environmental issues. The development of developing environmental issues demands a balance of performance in the economic sector with the achievement of performance or contribution in the environmental and community sector. Global business transformation requires environmental elements to enter the business process of a business / industry activity to create corporate sustainability, the readiness of companies to meet international standards related to the environment, compliance with national and international regulations and the tendency to increase corporate image related to environmental program implementation is a prerequisite for the creation of the world. competitive industry in the current era.

The Indonesia Environment Consultant, PT. (IEC) is here in order to create a harmonization between the imperative of economic development and to participate in realizing a sustainable environment through sustainable corporate business.

Endang Kurniawan
Endang Kurniawan

Through our team of professional experts and the system technology we offer, we hope to realize

one big vision going forward, namely to become the best Integrated Green Business company in the world and at the same time as a business partner for companies in an effort to create a company development oriented to Green Business, namely a company that is oriented on the company’s sustainable profit and reputation.

Indonesian Environmental Consultants (IEC) is the first Integrated Green Business company in the world to concentrate on engineering, technology and environmental management development. Integrated services owned by PT. IEC through Green Consultants, Green technology, Green Property, and Green Energy who support each other and the Green Academy as energy and a driving force for business from within to realize the results of the four pillars in realizing the creation of your “Best Performance and Sustainable Business” business. have.

The IEC is present in order to answer global challenges related to the development of a new era of world business and industry which places the issue of sustainability as a central issue for world business and industry that places technological, environmental, economic and social interests as an integrated whole unit that cannot run one thing. each other in order to support present and future business interests.

The rapid business development demands world business and industry to develop a business strategy carefully and thoroughly through a simultaneous human, financial and technological approach to achieve high efficiency and effectiveness in every industrial process undertaken to maintain and develop business units that lived.

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Being the Best Integrated Green Business Company in The World



As a company in the Integrated Green Business, we are committed to be the best partner in realizing a sustainable business with IEC InSPIRED values.